Bevy Jo


Bevy Jo, our manager, opens Zookz every morning and can be found behind the front counter with that warm and welcoming smile. She keeps Zookz and all of us going – orders supplies, makes the schedule, handles payroll, updates our catering calendar etc…. If you know the old TV series MacGyver – she is the female version – dependable, hardworking, industrious w/an abundance of common sense, and like MacGyver, resourceful and extremely handy – she is as comfortable with a drill as she is with a whisk. Case in point: she spent last weekend making new screens for her windows and her next project is to build new patio furniture??! I am totally impressed. If you need to brainstorm an idea, figure out a way to make something work better, she is the perfect person.
Bevy Jo was born in Minneapolis and raised in Phoenix. She has been very happily married for 33 yrs to Dave, her high school sweetheart. Dave is a very talented engineer, and the man behind our proprietary Zookz machines. Dave and Bevy Jo have 2 daughters, Tiffany and Morgan, and a grandson named, Owen. Tiffany, her husband and Owen live in Denver, where she is a speech pathologist. Morgan lives in Phoenix and is planning to pursue a career in nursing.
There is no doubt that Bevy Jo is absolutely dedicated to Zookz. Although she doesn’t need to say it; her actions say it every day, she does on occasion remind me, “Carole, I am all in.” Zookz could not function without her.
We are very fortunate to have her as the leader of our small but very special team.