Meet Kenny Garcia, the kitchen manager of Zookz.

Kenny has been part of the Zookz team since a month after we opened. Kenny, aka “lickety split”–earned because of his efficiency and speed in the kitchen, is responsible far beyond what is normally expected of a 20-year old. He also is very bright, mature, fair, kind, and he works at least as hard as the kitchen crew he manages. I have never met someone as young as Kenny who takes constructive criticism so well. He sees it as an opportunity to learn, and he is genuinely appreciative that someone has taken the time to help him learn. Most importantly, he doesn’t forget the lesson. Working with Kenny is a real pleasure, from keeping the Zookz kitchen spotless, to staying on top of all the prep work, he does it all with a great attitude. Kenny is one of those young men you meet and immediately know — here is someone who is going to go far in life. We feel fortunate that he decided to start that journey with us!
Here is Kenny at work, and we didn’t know until the last Zookz outing, but our Kenny has some pretty smooth—and effective—“lickety split” moves at the bowling alley!