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carole_meyer_headshotCarole Meyer has been a student of culinary arts as far back as she can remember. Born and raised in a multicultural family in North Africa, she grew up in a home where those with kitchen privileges took great pride in preparing all kinds of foods from scratch and only with the freshest ingredients. The kitchen was the hub of the household. It was the place friends gathered to share both gossip and laughter, often while Carole’s grandmother tended to a crude stove-top sandwich cooking device that produced some of Carole’s fondest childhood memories. The smells and tastes emanating from that kitchen forever captured Carole’s imagination and ultimately her innate culinary talent .

Not long after graduating from college, Carole began to hone that talent with the opening of a very successful cafe and catering business in Florida. After a number of customers started asking to buy one of her salad dressings, she decided to market it through Publix, a major grocery store chain in the state. When Carole later moved to Phoenix, she expanded her sauce line to include four sauces, which she sold at AJ’s markets. During all these years, however, the taste of those sandwiches she had enjoyed as a child in that North African kitchen stayed with her. To her, they were the ultimate sandwiches—crunchy and warm with endless filling possibilities .

After 18 months of trial and error, Carole has now succeeded in re-engineering the handheld device her grandmother used into the electric version that has given birth to ZOOKZ. In addition, she has married her own distinctive sauces with those round toasted sandwiches of her youth, to create unique combinations of incredibly savory tastes and textures that are now ZOOKZ “sandwiches with an edge.” By offering high quality, fresh sandwich creations that can be prepared with amazing efficiency, ZOOKZ caters to today’s ever on-the-go consumer, who wants quality above all, but is also unwilling, and often unable, to compromise convenience.